Who we are

Z Launchpad was launched in 2017 with the aim of making the process of hiring high quality talent easier. The idea was to remove fraudulent agencies and expensive middlemen, and become a matchmaker between companies that wanted talented employees and experts in the field looking for challenging and interesting projects

As pioneers in our field, we ensure that getting long-term work done is easier for you. Using a freelancer for long-term projects turns out to be very expensive, as the freelancer may have work this month but may not necessarily have it next month. With Z Launchpad, you can find yourself a permanent employee, saving you quite a bit of money, and getting you high quality work.

Bring transparency in software development by eliminating middlemen and outsourcing.

Help manage company funds better by promoting full-time employment instead of long-term freelancing work or outsourcing to agencies.

Bring integrity and excellence to the process of hiring full-time employees from different parts of the world.

We help you build your dream team from scratch. Take your pick from our directory of pre-vetted talent, and get your company the talent and expertise it needs.


Z Launchpad eliminates middlemen and fraudulent agencies that are expensive but provide substandard work. We help you find a full-time employee that is perfect for your company. It is like having a permanent working-from-home employee – you are directly supervising them and are kept in loop regarding the ongoing work.


Our transparent process ensures that you see how and where exactly your money is being spent. Many agencies take money from one client to maintain another client’s project. This is damaging for the client both in the short and the long run. With Z Launchpad, your money is spent only on your project, which enriches your long-term projects.


Our pre-vetted talent come with high recommendations and join us only after passing a peer review. Moreover, clients that have previously worked with the talent are allowed to share feedback and give reviews. This ensures an objective process of picking members, thus ensuring that the talent is performance-oriented and has an excellent track record.

We are combining talent, quality, and efficiency to bring to you the best way to fulfill your hiring needs. By removing agencies and freelancers that are bogged down with multiple projects at the same time, we give you the chance to select an employee with the right credentials and enthusiasm for your project. This not only brings your company the expertise it needs, but it also gives the employee a chance to work on a new project and add another feather to their cap.

This venture brings both parties exposure that would not have been possible otherwise – by sitting in their respective parts of the world, they are able to collaborate and create something new from scratch.

Bringing you the best collaboration experience possible

Not only do we ensure that you get the best talent, but also that the entire development process is smooth for both parties. The client can directly supervise the work that is going on, and alter it based on their discussions with the talent. No matter what hurdles arise, we always provide a safety net, making the long-term collaboration comfortable for all those involved.