Pay lesser for the same talent

Outsourcing can be quite a task – you may end up working with agencies with fake portfolios or fraudulent and unreliable companies that employ staff only for the course of the project. So why outsource when you can build your own team?

With Z Launchpad, you will pay lesser for the same talent as compared to other freelance websites. Clients will pay less as there are no middlemen – you meet the engineer and you hire him.

We can take the example of numerous companies found on Clutch.co. Some of them charge their clients $25-$49/hr, where hourly rates in this industry are usually based for one person. The annual salary a software engineer is paid in such companies, according to Glassdoor, ranges between ₹3,72,000 ($5716.48) to ₹5,44,920 ($8373.72). This shows a huge discrepancy between the amount charged to the client and the amount received by the engineer.

The time has gone where clients would only approach big tech companies for their outsourcing and offshoring needs. If you look at the Revenue Per Employee (RPE) these tech companies make every year, and compare it with the annual salary of their software engineers (which can be found on websites like Payscale, Glassdoor, etc.), you will see that some companies charge clients up to 8.3 times more! As Z Launchpad removes all middlemen, it is guaranteed that you will be paying way lesser if you work with our members than if you outsource you work to an agency.

The figures above demonstrate how much cheaper it is to hire someone from India. And if it’s quality you’re worried about, be rest assured that each and every member of Z Launchpad is pre-vetted and interviewed by their peers on the website, ensuring that we only hire the crème de la crème.

Efficient teamwork as collaboration is done in the premises

Z Launchpad ensures that all your team members are in sync, thereby ensuring better teamwork. Working with our talent is like working with a member of your own team, albeit one that is working from home.

When a project is outsourced, the engineers working on it may not be as motivated to do the best possible job. As they work on multiple projects with multiple clients at a time, no project gets 100% of their time and attention. Sometimes, clients have such a relationship with agencies that they cannot say that they are unsatisfied with the product, and are still stuck with it, leading to a loss of time and money.

We help you create a great team that you love working with. Great teams are not built over time; great people come together to create great teams. And since you get to handpick the members of your team, compatibility is not a problem, which ensures that the talent has the same vision and goal as you, and gives your project their attention. Your team is managed by you, and only you, with some supervision from us. This means that your team works the exact way you want, and within the timeframe you require.

Extreme transparency which enhances performance

Our hiring and working processes are extremely transparent. This ensures that every member’s performance is monitored. Additionally, every member is reviewed by their peers and employers, which helps them know where they stand in terms of performance.

Agencies that work on outsourced projects are not transparent, and this gives the client lesser power when it comes to managing a team. We eliminate the middlemen, and our constant supervision ensures that the system is 100% transparent. This leads to greater accuracy and adherence to project plan. By working with us, you eliminate the chance of working with agencies that are formed without any specific interest in the domain. There is also no chance of you paying hidden costs like with some agencies that take forever to finish the work, racking up the cost in the process. We ensure that you get the high-quality work you want when you require it.

There is no industry standard or solution to remove fraudulent agencies with fake portfolios. However, with us, you can be sure that what you see is what you get. We are constantly monitoring the progress of your work and performance of employees. The teams you form, the talent you work with, and the project you are working on are constantly observed in order to ensure compliance and to get the best possible performance from our end.

The transparency in the system also helps you build better relationships with your employees – one built on mutual trust and understanding. It also helps you engage and communicate with the member. Thus, the provision of a project management system that is transparent benefits both the people managing and working on the project.

Rigorous selection process that brings you the best performers

Here, your expectations meet reality. Most people cannot do freelancing as they do not have the required sales and pitching skills – they do not know how to market and sell their services. We bring you people with talent, regardless of their sales skills, avoiding middlemen and agencies with false advertising and awards that mean nothing.

Often, clients run into problems as an agency’s portfolio that they like isn’t actually the agency’s work. Even if it is, there are instances where either the engineer working on that project doesn’t work with the company anymore or is working on another project. This leads to the client asking for something but getting something quite different from their expectations.

Z Launchpad is a closed and highly private website. Members can only join if invited by another member. Post joining, their profile is objectively filtered by two other members. Clients that have worked with the members are also able to share feedback. Thus, you can take it on good authority that the talent is well-acclaimed, hardworking, performance-oriented, and has an excellent track record.

To create your own team with these professionals means that not only do you have a highly talented team giving the job their entire attention, you have a team that is dedicated to putting the best product possible out there.